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Ben Hur Home was purchased from the Ben Hur Life Association in Crawfordsville, Indiana by Mrs. Martha Williams in the year of 1956.  In 1970 when Mrs. Williams passed away Ben Hur Home operations were assumed by her daughter, Esther Houston.  Esther's two sons David and Daniel have worked in the family business since the late 1970's.  In 1985 the Houston's purchased land on Lafayette Avenue and built Williamsburg Health Care.  David and Daniel served as general contractor and supervised the project.  Williamsburg Health Care is a 116 bed facility.  In 1991 Esther retired from the business and sold Williamsburg Health Care to David and Ben Hur Home to Daniel.  David and Daniel expanded the business further by developing Houston Companies Senior Living Apartments in October 1994.  To this day David and Daniel are continuing to provide healthcare to our senior community through the Houston Companies Senior Living Apartments, Ben Hur Home, and Williamsburg Health Care.